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About Us

DSBC Global's mission is to provide our customers with leading-edge growing system technologies that are designed and manufactured in Canada, superior value, customer service, and infrastructure. With the current and on-going landscape of the world, DSBC Global recognizes how important it is to provide growing solutions to our clients that will enable them to meet their agricultural needs within their local communities. We also believe that by providing these technologies to regions we will help support, grow, and strengthen the economic state.


DSBC Global believes in honesty, transparency, and communication. We have instilled these values within our organization and pride ourselves on building a long-lasting relationship with each and every client.

DSBC Global Corp remains poised to support our clients in the quest for food sustainability and security. In these changing times, the global world is experiencing unprecedented concern in regards to acquiring nutritious produce. 


DSBC Global believes it is a leading supplier with multiply product lines and the technology to make us the only choice for food sustainability. Providing the ultimate experience in customer service is our goal and commitment to you. Our company stands proud to be part of this agricultural forum and will bring our support and dedication to each and every client.

Why Us

DSBC Global believes in providing our clients with a full solution from design to assembly. Utilizing all of our technologies to assemble a highly efficient sustainable community, we are committed to ensuring that your success is our success.

  •  Sustainable

  • Renewable

  • Profitable 

What We Stand For

  • Commitment

  • Dedication

  • Service

  • Reliability


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