Work Ethic, Commitment, Dedication

DSBC Global cares about each and every client and their needs, we will follow the project from inception to completion and everything in between. We will ensure that all timelines are being met and respected as we understand that delays will cost time and money for the client.


DSBC Global will use only the best distribution and logistic channels for expedite delivery of your products and services. We believe in open lines of communication and being there for our clients. We will travel to and from the client's project site as many times as we need to, to ensure the trust, confidence, and dedication our clients deserve.


We will send an assembly team for a 10-14 day period to the client's location to help with the installation and construction direction.


  • We provide superior customer service to meet the client's objectives.

  • Will add a strong persona and strength

  • Solidifying long-lasting partnerships

  • Convey moral values and beliefs of DSBC Global mission

What We Offer

DSBC Global provides a turn-key solution for all of your growing needs through our planning and design process. With our departmental teams in place, we work with our clients to understand their growing solutions. We will provide the correct structure and growing system that will be best utilized for their specific project and environmental conditions in their region.


When choosing DSBC Global you have access to the following

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Technology Environmental Offerings

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